Vaterra 1:10 1969 Custom Corvette V100-S RTR VTR03022I

Brand: Vaterra
Part Number: VTR03022I
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The iconic lines of a big block, 1969 Corvette Stingray don't so much form a shape as they do an emotion. Just the sight (and sound) of one pulling up next to you at a light is like seeing a shark in open water. Its beauty and grace are mesmerising, but you sense it will eat you for lunch if you try to beat it off the line. For many a Corvette lover, however, the 1969 Stingray is much more than a muscle car. It is American sports car, a sleek, powerful declaration of independence that will forever be Detroit's crowning achievement.

Now you too can stop traffic with this stunning RC version. It comes assembled and ready to run with a custom 1969 Stingray body in place. Lurking beneath the gorgeous exterior is the power and poise of a Vaterra V100-S chassis. Its potent Dynamite power system and shaft-driven 4WD provide a perfect blend of speed, traction and control that make this car a blast to drive right out of the box.

The V100-S chassis gives you a balanced, neutral handling car thats fun to drive. Its universal body mounts allow you to use bodies from other Vaterra vehicles with a V100 series chassis or 1/10-scale bodies from other manufacturers. You can also choose from a wide array of upgrade options for everything from the suspension to the power system.

Officially Licensed Custom Corvette Body. The fantastic looking body is modelled after a custom 1969 Corvette Stingray. It includes details like chrome bumpers, a big block hood scoop, authentic Stingray badging and more.

The shaft-driven 4WD delivers excellent traction on paved surfaces and superb drift control when sliding through corners at full throttle. The differentials are sealed against the elements and can be tuned for a variety of running conditions.

The low profile tyres and 54mm wheels are complemented by brake and caliper details on the hub. The rear tyres have a little more meat than the fronts for better grip and a little more attitude.

The car is equipped with a waterproof receiver, speed control and steering servo for driving in the real world, where roads get wet and the weather is often less than perfect.


  • Officially licensed 1969 Chevrolet Custom Corvette Stingray Body
  • Waterproof electronics including servo, ESC and receiver ideal for bashers and newcomers
  • ESC is 2S LiPo Battery compatible
  • AVC compatible
  • Completly Ready-To-Run setup with everything nescassary including 2.4GHz radio system, NiMH battery and charger


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Manufacturer: Vaterra
Part Number: VTR03022I
Motor Type: Brushed
Drive: 4WD
Surface Type: On-Road
Assembly Type: Assembled (RTR)
Scale: 1:10
Vehicle: Sports Coupe
Skill Level: Skill Level 3   What's This?