Team Durango Moulded Insert And Cross Shaft Set (3 Diffs) TD310334

Brand: Team Durango
Part Number: TD310334
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These Team Durango moulded cross shafts fit the differentials in all Team Durango 1/8th scale models.

They replace the steel cross shafts and inserts in the differential, offering a huge reduction in weight over the steel parts.

The moulded parts are 80% lighter than the steel parts they replace, giving a total weight saving of 22.2g per vehicle.

They have been extensively tested by our pro team who found an increase in acceleration and breaking performance due to a reduction in the rotating mass of their transmission.The testing has shown that there is no detrimental effect in durability when using these moulded parts.

Pro driver Ryan Lutz says 'It is unbelievable the difference these parts make. The first time I ran these parts I was amazed by the extra acceleration from my DNX408'.

These lightweight cross shafts also fit many other manufacturers differentials. The cross shafts are 3.5mm in diameter, and 27mm in length.

Supplied in a set of 3, enough to replace the cross shafts and differential inserts in the front, centre and rear differentials in a vehicle.

Compatible With

TD102026 Team Durango DEX408T 1/8 Electric 4WD Truggy
No longer available
TD102029 Team Durango DEX408v2 1/8th Electric 4WD Off Road Buggy
No longer available
TD102005 Team Durango DNX408T 1:8 Nitro 4wd Truggy Kit
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TD102002 Team Durango DNX408v2 1:8 Nitro 4WD Off Road Buggy
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