Tamiya Ball Differential Set (Mantaray) 53070

Tamiya Ball Differential Set (Mantaray) 53070
Brand: Tamiya
Part Number: 53070
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Ball Differential Kit to fit Tamiya TA01, TA02, TA03, M01, M02, M03, M04, M05, M06, MF01X, FF02, TL01 chassis cars and the buggy derivatives. Diff is made from plastic, alloy and steel.

With a standard gear diff, when one wheel looses traction all the power is applied to that wheel resulting in wheel spin and loss of traction, a ball diff applies power to the wheel that is not spinning improving traction and acceleration, and giving more consistent cornering. Most top end elect cars come with ball diffs, fitting one to the front or rear of your  car will allow you to fine tune it's handling and performance.


  • Gearbox Joints
  • Pressure Plate Car
  • Ball Thrust Bearings
  • Pressure Plate B
  • Pressure Plate A
  • Gear
  • Metal Parts Bag
  • Ball Diff Grease
Manufacturer: Tamiya
Part Number: 53070
Tune-Up Type: Transmission

Compatible With

58624 Tamiya Mazda MX-5 ND - M-05
58649 Tamiya NSU TT Jagermeister - M-05
58655 Tamiya Citroen 2CV Charleston - M-05
47308 Tamiya Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Kamei (M-05)
58640 Tamiya Mazda 2 Demio - M-05
47308B Tamiya Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Kamei (M-05) without ESC
58572 Tamiya Volkswagen Beetle - M-06
58668 Tamiya Volkswagen Split Screen VW Type 2 T1 - M-06
58486S Tamiya Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT (M-06)
58594 Tamiya Low Ride Pumpkin (M-06)
58629 Tamiya Mercedes-Benz G 320 Cabrio - MF-01X
58614 Tamiya Suzuki Jimny JB23 (MF-01X)
58650 Tamiya Volkswagen Beetle Rally - MF-01X
58654 Tamiya Lancia 037 Rally - TA02-S