Speed Passion Comp V4.0 Motor Series 4.5T SP001222

Brand: Speed Passion
Part Number: SP001222
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Speed Passion introduce their latest competition electric brushless motor called the V4.0. Based on the experience gained with the V1.0 to V3.0 series, that won multiple titles including World and European Championships.

The 4.0 features a completely new design with an updated can, newly designed front and rear endbells as well as severely other refinements. Different from its predecessors the new motor makes use of bullet-type connectors for the speedo wires whereas the previous versions had the bullet-type connectors mounted into the endbell. The design allows for the use of connectors or direct soldering of the wires for even more efficiency. The motor also offers a new endbell and timing system.

Supplied with 2 sensor leads and 3 male connectors.

Manufacturer: Speed Passion
Part Number: SP001222
Motor Class: Modified
Bore: 3.2mm
Pole: 2 Pole
Motor Size: 540
Brushless Motor Type: Sensored