Schumacher Peripheral Damping Shocks - Mi5evo - (pr) U4804

Schumacher Peripheral Damping Shocks - Mi5evo - (pr) U4804
Brand: Schumacher
Part Number: U4804
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Peripheral Damping Shocks - Mi5evo - (pr)

Peripheral Damping Shocks for the Mi5evo shocks, sold as pairs.

The Schumacher peripheral damping system has been developed for touring cars to help minimise tyre contact patch load fluctuations, caused by small bumps in the track surface. This means the tyre remains in contact with the ground more often, resulting in more grip and improved lap times!

The damping characteristic is dependent upon the position of the piston within the shock body. The damping is softest when the piston is at the bottom of the shock, at which point the peripheral volume is at its greatest. Conversely the damping is hardest when the shock is at the top of the body, and the sleeve has the smallest opening. As a consequence of this, the damping characteristic progressively increases with bump/roll, compared to the kit damper assembly which offers linear damping throughout the damping stroke.

Begin by building the shocks with the same shock oil as the kit shock assembly, and adjust as necessary.

The dampers are supplied in pairs to fit the Mi5evo, but will also fit other Touring Cars on the market.

Length is 53.5-55.5mm between ball centre.

Spare parts are available separately if you wish to put the sleeves into your current Mi5evo shocks.

Manufacturer: Schumacher
Part Number: U4804
Tune-Up Type: Suspension