Schumacher Alloy Hub Carriers - Atom U4866

Brand: Schumacher
Part Number: U4866
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This alloy front hub carrier has a host of new features to improve the ATOM's usability, performance and durability.


  • Improved smoother suspension action due to the revolutionary specially impregnated hard anodizing for extra low co-efficient of friction.
  • Lighter and smaller than the kit parts (the additional bump steer steering post is no longer required).
  • Easy ride height adjustment using 0.25mm, 0.50mm and 2.00mm shims (included).
  • Droop control, addition or subtraction of shims allows easy front droop adjustment.
  • Allows easy caster adjustment, independent of ride height.
  • Stronger than the kit parts. 
  • New optional shorter arm position, to increase steering response. (Requires U1430 – Turnbuckle Adjuster – 39mm pr).
Manufacturer: Schumacher
Part Number: U4866
Tune-Up Type: Chassis

Compatible With

K163 Schumacher SupaStox Atom Kit - Sport
K164 Schumacher SupaStox Atom Kit - Pro