RPM T/E-Maxx True-Track Rear A-arm Conversion - Blue RPM80945

RPM T/E-Maxx True-Track Rear A-arm Conversion - Blue RPM80945
Brand: RPM
Part Number: RPM80945
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The RPM True-Track Rear A-arm Conversion kit eliminates one of the biggest headaches associated with the incredibly popular Maxx line of trucks. Rear toe angles are nearly impossible to set accurately and there isn’t a gauge currently made that can tell the T-Maxx / E-Maxx owner if each individual wheel’s toe angle is set correctly in relation to the chassis. Our rear end kit completely eliminates the rear toe link, locking in the rear toe angle at a solid negative 1.5 degrees per side for a total rear toe of negative 3 degrees (of Toe-In), effectively eliminating rear bump steer! Our design retains the stock upper pivot ball in the RPM axle carrier to allow precise camber adjustments while the lower pivot ball has been eliminated in favor of a rock-solid, beefy 4mm diameter hinge pin that locks-in the rear toe angles for race winning consistency. All aspects of the RPM rear end conversion have been beefed up for rugged durability and slop free movement throughout its range of travel. We’ve completely redesigned the rear end yet all stock suspension geometry has been retained. Additionally, we’ve incorporated our oversized bearings (3mm larger in diameter than stock) into the design, providing 2mm more bearing contact with the axle while doubling the bearing load rating & tripling the fatigue rating over stock bearings. So does all this add weight? Not a single gram! The entire RPM rear end kit weighs in at exactly the same as the stock components that are replaced!

What’s Included: Our rear end kit consists of two upper rear A-arms, two lower rear A-arms, two beefy rear axle carriers, two outer 6x15mm sealed bearings, two inner 12x21mm sealed bearings, two aluminum pivot ball setscrews, two delrin pivot ball bushing cups (with more than twice the contact area on the pivot ball as stock setscrews!), two 4mm diameter tool steel hinge pins & enough e-clips to get the job done (4 minimum).

Tech Notes: This rear end kit works on all T-Maxx 2.5R, T-Maxx 3.3, E-Maxx 16.8 & Brushless versions. It can be adapted to work on earlier versions of the T/E-Maxx such as the T-Maxx 1.5, T-Maxx 2.5, S-Maxx & earlier E-Maxx versions simply by upgrading the axles & tie rods to T-Maxx 3.3 versions. One kit will complete the entire rear end of your truck. Due to the wide lower A-arm hinge pin configuration, some aftermarket wheels - in particular, 3.2" beadlock wheels, may not work with RPM True-Track kits. Check with the manufacturer of your aftermarket wheels before installing this kit.

Manufacturer: RPM
Part Number: RPM80945
Tune-Up Type: Suspension

Compatible With

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39086-4S Traxxas E-Maxx MXL-6s TSM Brushless Monster Truck - Silver
39086-4BK Traxxas E-Maxx MXL-6s TSM Brushless Monster Truck - Black
39086-4R Traxxas E-Maxx MXL-6s TSM Brushless Monster Truck - Red
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