RPM Servo-Saver Eliminator Bellcrank for the ECX Boost, 2WD Ruckus, 2WD Circuit and 2WD Torment RPM73492

RPM Servo-Saver Eliminator Bellcrank for the ECX Boost, 2WD Ruckus, 2WD Circuit and 2WD Torment RPM73492
Brand: RPM
Part Number: RPM73492
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Are you tired of the wandering tendencies of your ECX Boost, 2wd Circuit, 2wd Ruckus or 2wd Torment? Does it feel like the servo never seems to center itself? Have you noticed the massive amounts of slop in the stock steering system? Or perhaps you noticed that when you reverse, the vehicle weaves or shakes badly. These are all symptoms of a weak servo-saver. The stock servo-saver doesn’t have the strength to retain a slop-free system, causing the steering system to shift without input from the driver.

The RPM Servo-Saver Eliminator Bellcrank for these vehicles fixes all of those problems and more! Our system completely eliminates the C-clip design of the stock system in favor of a solid servo-to-tie-rod system. Without the loose C-clip servo-saver in the middle like the stock system uses, the RPM system locks in the steering system with a solid arm from the servo linkage to the steering linkage for perfect tracking every time!

RPM Servo-Saver Eliminator Bellcranks are molded from our trademark blend of engineering grade nylons for worry-free performance and backed by our limited lifetime warranty against breakage.

Tech Notes: The RPM Servo-Saver Eliminator Bellcrank replaces the bellcranks and center-link from stock #ECX1028. This system eliminates any form of servo-saver from the steering linkage. Most stock servos can become damaged if another form of servo-saver is not used. RPM recommends servo-mounted servo-savers such as those offered by Kimbrough Racing Products if some form of servo protection is desired (some modifications to the chassis or skid plates may be necessary when installing an aftermarket servo saver). Each bellcrank system comes with ultra-tight tolerance Delrin bushings but is completely upgradeable to bearings (not included) to smooth out the steering even further. For reference, bearing sizes needed to upgrade would be 2 – 3x6x2.5mm, 2 – 5x8x2.5mm & 2 – 6x10x3mm.

Manufacturer: RPM
Part Number: RPM73492
Tune-Up Type: Suspension

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