RPM Roof Guard for the HPI Baja 5B RPM81102

Brand: RPM
Part Number: RPM81102
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If you’ve ever rolled your HPI 5B and had the spark plug push through the stock protector, you need the RPM Roof Guard. The stock spark plug protector isn’t strong enough to handle serious inverted landings, which can easily damage or break the insulator of the spark plug.

The RPM roof guard is a low profile nylon plate that incorporates a large semi-spherical shape above the spark plug, keeping the plug free from damage during those accidental upside-down excursions. By using a semi-spherical dome over the spark plug, the design is simple, yet extremely strong. With the exception of the spark plug clearance dome, we keep the rest of the roof guard as low as possible to prevent the guard from detracting from the overall aesthetical appearance of this great-looking buggy.
Manufacturer: RPM
Part Number: RPM81102
Tune-Up Type: Chassis

Compatible With

113141 HPI Baja 5B RTR with D-BOX
112457 HPI Baja 5B SS Buggy Kit