RPM Rear Bumper For The Losi Ten-SCTE RPM73112

RPM Rear Bumper For The Losi Ten-SCTE RPM73112
Brand: RPM
Part Number: RPM73112
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RPM is proud to offer our Rear Bumper for the Losi Ten-SCTE. Aesthetically, it’s the best looking bumper made for this awesome 1/10th scale truck, yet incorporates design elements to make it one of the strongest bumpers available! In comparison to a stock rear bumper, we moved it rearward by a full ½” to help reduce the problem of rear impacts destroying bodies. We also moved the top of the bumper up by approximately 7/8”, improving rollover protection of the body as well. We’ve added material around the upper screw hole mounting posts to strengthen those otherwise weak areas too. The mud flaps have been removed from the bumper for those wanting protection without the added weight of the mud flap system.

The RPM Rear Bumper for the Losi Ten-SCTE and the Mud Flaps and Number Plate Kit (sold separately) comes with all necessary mounting hardware and / or instructions, making installation a snap.
Manufacturer: RPM
Part Number: RPM73112
Tune-Up Type: Chassis