RPM RC10B4/T4 & HPI Firestorm Wide Front Bumper - Blue RPM80045

RPM RC10B4/T4 & HPI Firestorm Wide Front Bumper - Blue RPM80045
Brand: RPM
Part Number: RPM80045
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The stock front bumper on the HPI Firestorm is simply a miniature skid plate. It does nothing to help protect the front end of the vehicle. The RPM wide front bumper for the HPI firestorm was designed to add in loads of bash-proof protection! At a full 6” in width, our bumper can handle some serious abuse! It extends far enough in front of the vehicle to absorb some of the most brutal impacts without transferring the major shock of the impact into the more fragile areas of the vehicle while providing ample front-end chassis skid protection from hard landings. Our front bumper also has strengthening ribs built into it that have a multi-purpose design; The ribs not only add strength to the bumper, but they act as low friction skid rails and they help protect the screw-heads holding the bumper to the bulkheads. The RPM wide front bumper for the HPI Firestorm uses all four bulkhead mounting screws. This helps disperse any impact forces that do make it to the chassis over twice the area of a stock bumper, thereby reducing or eliminating damage to other more fragile areas of the vehicle. RPM bumpers are built using our trademark blend of bulletproof nylons and are molded in black or blue. For the race oriented individual that wants added protection without added weight, we have our Mini Front Bumper available.

Tech Notes: RPM Bumpers for the HPI Firestorm fit all versions of these trucks including the Firestorm 10T, E-Firestorm & E-Firestorm Flux.

Manufacturer: RPM
Part Number: RPM80045
Tune-Up Type: Chassis

Compatible With

105845 HPI E-Firestorm 10T RTR 2.4GHz
112878 HPI E-Firestorm FLUX RTR 2.4GHz
105866 HPI Firestorm 10T RTR