RPM Front Shock Tower for SC10/ T4/ T4.1/ GTS RPM70112

RPM Front Shock Tower for SC10/ T4/ T4.1/ GTS RPM70112
Brand: RPM
Part Number: RPM70112
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When we designed our Front Shock Tower for the SC10 2wd, SC10GT, T4, T4.2RS & GT2, we had several goals in mind: Improve the strength and durability, improve crash survivability and help reduce damage to other vital components. The results are everything we had hoped they’d be! The T-shaped structure of our front shock tower provides some serious strength and rigidity while the top-secret blend of materials we use provides unmatched durability.

Although the SC10 2wd, SC10GT, T4, T4.2RS & GT2 each have different requirements of the front shock tower; the RPM version integrates all those needs for unmatched support of the shocks on all three trucks while the redesigned front bumper mount base for the SC10 2wd & SC10GT has been strengthened to sustain repeated impacts from the stock front bumper. All this performance and durability is wrapped up in a part that weighs slightly less than the stock piece it replaces!

RPM Front Shock Towers are stock replacement parts for the Associated SC10 2wd, SC10GT, T4, T4.1, T4.2RS & GT2.

Manufacturer: RPM
Part Number: RPM70112
Tune-Up Type: Chassis