RPM Baja 5B Light Pod Mounts RPM81022

Brand: RPM
Part Number: RPM81022
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Within hours of releasing our Front Bumper for the HPI 5B (RPM81972), we heard a strong demand for a way to mount some lights to it. The wait is over! Our Light Pod Mounts for the HPI 5B are truly unique. They are sold in pairs to allow up to four HPI light pods (not included) to be mounted to an RPM Front Bumper (sold separately) with two pods affixed to each mount. With their modular design, they are the first and only fully adjustable pod mounts available today. Each pair of light pod mounts can be adjusted individually for both left to right as well as up and down settings. Not all four lights need to be run either. Any combination of lights can be run, from two narrow or two wide light pods, with a number of possible alternative combinations or all four for the ultimate in visibility – that’s a total of 48 – 5mm LEDs burning the night away!

With the lights so far forward, LEDs (not included) mounted in the light pods will project unobstructed light without shadow! Another unique feature available only on RPM lighting products is a foldaway design that in the event of a flip or frontal crash, the LED’s will fold back and down, out of harms way, allowing the bumper and shock tower to take the impact and protecting those expensive LEDs!

Tech Notes: RPM Light Pod Mounts are sold as a pair of mounts only (enough to affix 4 HPI light pods to a vehicle). RPM Front Bumpers (#81972), HPI light pods and LEDs are not included. RPM Light Pod Mounts are designed for use with RPM bumpers for the HPI Baja 5B but may be mounted anywhere with sufficient room and a 4mm screw will allow (some warranty restrictions may apply).

Manufacturer: RPM
Part Number: RPM81022
Tune-Up Type: Chassis

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