RC4WD Chassis Mounted Steering Servo Kit for Axial Wraith Z-S0647

Brand: RC4WD
Part Number: Z-S0647
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Chassis Mounted Steering Servo kit for Axial Wraith This is well engineered CMS Chassis Mounted Servo kit for the Axial Wraith. This is a full kit that features all you need to convert your servo from axle mounted to chassis mounted with a panhard setup. You will not find any other kit like this. In sddition to the improved look, when you are competing this will give you 5 extra Scale Points too. While you are upgrading why not add the Alli steering kit too HERE. You may also want to upgrade the Servo. Specification: CNC Machined Aluminum
Full kit with panhard
Serves as a new bumper support Designed by RC4WD UK
Made by RC4WD

Whats Included:
1x Black 80mm link1x Black 80mm link1x Black bend link1x Link mounts2x Front Bumper Supports and Servo Mounts5x Medium Plastic Rod End1x Bend Plastic Rod End1x M3 x 16mm BHCS3x M3 x 14mm BHCS2x M3 x 12mm BHCS4x M3 x 8mm BHCS6x M3 x 15mm Set Screws

Manufacturer: RC4WD
Part Number: Z-S0647
Crawler Accessory Type: Chassis & Suspension

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