Aerox Body Shell - Cougar KC/KD AX002

Brand: Aerox
Part Number: AX002
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The new body is designed to improve the Aero package of the Cougar KD and particularly KC models.  

The body has a super sleek design, is 13 grams lighter than a standard kit body which greatly reduces the Centre of Gravity and the chances of traction roll on high grip surfaces.  

Michal Orlowski used it to great effect at the recent EOS in Poland claiming 4th place from 3rd on the grid.

Michal had the following to say about the new body;

"The new Aerox bodyshell feels great to drive. Car is more agile and rolls round less so it makes you feel more confident. That makes you faster on the track. And it looks awesome too!"

Supplied in crystal clear polycarbonate with over-spray film, window masks and cool Aerox decal sheet.

Manufacturer: Aerox
Part Number: AX002
Window Masks: Yes
Decal Sheet: No
Class: Buggy
Scale: 1:10
Bodyshell Finish: Un-Painted
Body Material: Polycarbonate

Compatible With

K170 Schumacher Cougar KC 2WD Carpet/ Astro Spec 1-10th Competition Buggy - Kit
K171 Schumacher Cougar KD 2WD Dirt Spec 1-10th Competition Buggy - Kit