Protoform LTCR 190mm TC Bodyshell PL1505-30

Brand: Protoform
Part Number: PL1505-30
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The much-anticipated PROTOform LTC-R is now available and ready to lower your lap times! This Global Body Spec ready race body is designed specifically for rubber tire racing whether its on a carpet or a paved surface racetrack. It was designed with slightly more steering ability than the all conquering PROTOform Mazda 6 and MazdaSpeed 6 body styles - yet less aggressive than the PROTOform R9-R body. To further aid balance and rear grip the wing mounting location thats slightly more rearward. The LTC-R features two trim lines - one for IFMAR/EFRA/ROAR/JMCRA racing at the 115mm height as well as the BRCAs 120mm height rule. The oversize rear wing helps performance on a poor-grip surface thats commonly experienced in club racing but also incorporates trim lines for sanctioned style racing. The LTC-R is available in 2 different weights of genuine lexan and comes with protective film, decals and wing mounting hardware.

The LTC-R represents an evolutionary step forward in race bodies designed for rubber tire sedan racing. Its sure to be on a podium very soon!


  • Made with Genuine .025 .030 lexan
  • Attractive contemporary styling & improved downforce front and rear
  • Dual trim line for BRCA as well as all other RC sanctioned rule packages. Fits Global Body Spec rules package
  • Paint then peel overspray film, window masks, wing mounting hardware, and sticker sheet included

What's Included:

  • Clear LTCR Body
  • Detail decal sheet
  • Window Mask

Please note: All bodies are sold in crystal clear lexan and are painted for advertising purposes only.

Manufacturer: Protoform
Part Number: PL1505-30
Window Masks: Yes
Decal Sheet: Yes
Class: 190mm On-Road
Scale: 1:10
Bodyshell Finish: Un-Painted