Pro-Line Transistor VTR 2.4'' 2WD X2 (Medium) Off-Road Buggy Front Tyres PL8233-002

Pro-Line Transistor VTR 2.4'' 2WD X2 (Medium) Off-Road Buggy Front Tyres PL8233-002
Brand: Pro-Line
Part Number: PL8233-002
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This is a pair of Transistor VTR 2WD Front Tires. The Transistor tread is the new kid on the block with 1’s and 0’s for tread. The Transistor provides good, consistent steering in a variety of conditions and is the first of Pro-Line’s front VTR tires. The VTR tires and wheels introduce the horizontal mounting style common in 1:8 Nitro and bring it to the precision environment of the 1:10 racing scene, resulting in the lightest tire/wheel package ever produced. The tire mounting surface has been increased from 2.2” to 2.4” giving the tire a lower profile sidewall and ultimately more traction. Test drivers immediately noticed the improved agility and traction that the VTR tires provide when combined with Pro-Line’s VTR wheels.


  • 1’s and 0’s Transistor Tread Pattern
  • Consistent Steering in a variety of conditions
  • VTR Style Mounting – Lighter and More Traction!
  • Ideal for Indoor Clay and Outdoor Blue Groove Conditions
  • Made to fit Pro-Line VTR 2.4” Wheels
  • Includes new VTR Closed Cell Foam Insert


Pro-Line VTR 2.4” Wheels
*NOTE: VTR Style Tires only work with VTR 2.4” Wheels. Standard 2.2” Wheels will NOT work with VTR Tires.*

Manufacturer: Pro-Line
Part Number: PL8233-002
Class: Buggy
Wheel Diameter: 2.4"
Position: Front
Scale: 1:10
Pack Contents: 2