Pro-Line Shockwave 3.8'' (Traxxas Style Bead) All Terrain Tyres Mounted on F-11 Black 1/2 Offset 17mm Wheels PL1193-13

for 17mm MT Front or Rear, Mounted on F-11 Black 1/2

Brand: Pro-Line
Part Number: PL1193-13
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for 17mm MT Front or Rear, Mounted on F-11 Black 1/2'' Offset 17mm Wheels

This is a pair of pre-mounted Shockwave 3.8'' All Terrain Truck Tyres Mounted to F-11 Black ½'' Offset Wheels. Prepare yourself for the new Pro-Line Shockwave! The Shockwave 3.8'' tyre is an all-new lightweight Monster Truck tyre that is the same overall size as the Stock Traxxas Talon tyres but has way more traction! The Shockwave has a futuristic V-Style tread that improves handling and performance on the Street, Dirt, Grass or any terrain you want to go. This tyre is perfect for the guys that like a nimble handling truck or are going for high-speed runs and don’t want their tyres turning into balloons or pizza cutters. The Shockwave also features unique sidewall lettering and logo design that stands out enhances the look of your Truck! Ride the Pro-Line Shockwave… Get the new tyres today!


The Shockwave 3.8'' tyres are mounted on F-11 Black wheels. Pro-Line has an all-new wheel for all of the Monster Truck fans: the F-11 3.8'' ½'' Offset 17mm wheel! The F-11 is a super-tough 11-Spoke wheel designed to mimic the look of full-size Off-Road Trucks! Pro-Line’s new F-11 wheel features scale bolt head details and a swept back face that will stand out from the crowd of boring wheels. This wheel will accept all Pro-Line 3.8'' Traxxas Style Bead tyres along with all Stock Traxxas 3.8'' tyres, giving you a ton of rubber options. This 17mm hex wheel is sure to make your truck stand out from the rest, so get some today!

  • Lightweight Design similar in size to Stock Traxxas Talon Tyres
  • Futuristic V-Style Tread for incredible traction on Any Terrain
  • Low Profile Design reduces Tyre Ballooning during High Speed Runs
  • Unique sidewall effect that will adds style to your Truck
  • Also available Unmounted
  • Stylish 11-Spoke wheel design with satin finish
  • Beefy Reinforcement Webs for Ultimate Durability
  • Simulated Bead-Loc rings and Bolt Heads
  • Wheel made from high-strength, durable DuPont nylon material
  • ½” Wheel Offset for Wider MT Stance
Manufacturer: Pro-Line
Part Number: PL1193-13
Position: Front & Rear
Fitting: 17mm Hex
Class: Truck
Scale: 1:8
Wheel Diameter: 3.8"
Pack Contents: 2

Compatible With

TRX56036-4-BLUE Traxxas E-Revo EVX-2 TQi (Blue)
109083 HPI Savage X 4.6 GT-3 RTR 2.4GHz
TRX56076-4-GRN Traxxas Summit TQi 2.4GHz RTR (Green)
TRX56076-4-BLUE Traxxas Summit TQi 2.4GHz RTR (Blue)
TRX56076-4-ORNG Traxxas Summit TQi 2.4GHz RTR (Orange)
TRX56076-4-BLK Traxxas Summit TQi 2.4GHz RTR (Black)
TRX56076-4-RED Traxxas Summit TQi 2.4GHz RTR (Red)
TRX56076-4-PRPL Traxxas Summit TQi 2.4GHz RTR (Purple)
TRX49104-1-BLUE Traxxas T-Maxx Classic (Blue)
TRX49104-1-RED Traxxas T-Maxx Classic (Red)
4TRX9104-1-BLK Traxxas T-Maxx Classic (Black)
TRX49104-1-WHT Traxxas T-Maxx Classic (White)
TRX49077-3-BLUE Traxxas T-Maxx 3.3 TSM TQi RTR (Blue)
TRX49077-3-BLK Traxxas T-Maxx 3.3 TSM TQi RTR (Black)
TRX49077-3-RED Traxxas T-Maxx 3.3 TSM TQi RTR (Red)
TRX49077-3-WHT Traxxas T-Maxx 3.3 TSM TQi RTR (White)