Power HD LF13 Metal Geared Servo HD-LF-13MG

Power HD LF13 Metal Geared Servo HD-LF-13MG
Brand: Power HD
Part Number: HD-LF-13MG
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This Digital servo has metal housing around the middle which allows for heat to rapidly dissipate. With double ball bearings you will have smooth movement and powerful torque when you need it. You cant beat the performance of this servo and at such a great price it's a no-brainer.


  • Torque(4.8V): 10.5 kg-cm (145.8 oz/in)
  • Torque(6.6V): 13.0 kg-cm (180.5 oz/in)
  • Speed: 0.15 sec (4.8V) │ 0.12 sec (6.6V)
  • Operating Voltage:4.8 ~ 6.6 DC Volts
  • Weight: 60 g (2.12 oz)
  • Bearing Type:Ball Bearing x 2
  • Motor Type:DC Motor
  • Gear Type:Copper & Aluminum
  • Operating Temperature:-20℃~60℃
  • Working frequence:1520μs / 333hz
  • Size:40.7 x 20.5 x 39.5mm (1.60 x 0.80 x 1.55 in)
  • Horns and Mounting Accessories Supplied
Manufacturer: Power HD
Part Number: HD-LF-13MG
Bearing Type: Double
Speed (6v): .10 - .14s
Torque (6v): 12 - 14.9kg
Operation: Digital
Gear Material: Metal Geared
Servo Horn Fitment: 25t