Orion Vortex VST 2 PRO Stock 540 2P 10.5T BLS Motor ORI28250

Orion Vortex VST 2 PRO Stock 540 2P 10.5T BLS Motor ORI28250
Brand: Orion
Part Number: ORI28250
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The completely redesigned VST2 Vortex Pro Stock series motor that is completely rebuildable and optimized for use with the new 90C battery technology. The new stack design offers improved magnetic efficiency for higher performance at lower engine temperatures. The dual sensor port makes installation into the vehicle more comfortable.

The Team Orion Vortex VST 2 motors from the Pro Stock series are available in the following variants:

10.5 T (ORI28250)
13.5 T (ORI28251)
17.5 T (ORI28252)
21.5 T (ORI28253)


Turns: 10.5
Voltage: 1-3S
Specific speed (KV): 4570 U / min / V
Power: 385 W
Power: 46.0 A
Efficiency: 91%
Weight: 188 g
Length: 52 , 8 mm
Diameter 35.8 mm
Length of axle: 15,0 mm
Axle diameter: 3.175 mm
Sensor and sensorless: Yes
Adjustable timing: Yes
EFRA / ROAR / FEMCA / IFMAR Compliant: Yes


Completely rebuildable
Optimal centric sensor
Dual sensor port
Optimized distance from sensor, motor and coil for lower operating temperatures and better performance
New design for improved magnetic efficiency
Extra-thick front and end plate for better cooling
Extra Quiet and low-vibration performance
Cover for soldering and sensor cable routing
Including maintenance tool
Designed in Switzerland

Manufacturer: Orion
Part Number: ORI28250
Motor Size: 540
KV Rating (Brushless): 4001 - 5000kv
Motor Class: Stock & Eco
Motor Brush Type: Brushless
Pole: 2 Pole
Brushless Motor Type: Sensored Or Sensorless