Orion Vortex VDS2-HV 2607 High-Torque Servo 7.4V ORI68027

Orion Vortex VDS2-HV 2607 High-Torque Servo 7.4V ORI68027
Brand: Orion
Part Number: ORI68027
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Impress with precision and power, the new Vortex VDS2 digital high performance servos from Team Orion. From the experiences of proven Vortex servos and innumerable successes in competitions could after several years of development with the help of Team Orion Team pilots are completely created from scratch new product line. In addition to an outstanding performance, was primarily on the shelf at the forefront in the development. This work has a compact high-power line that fits on the market for all-electric and nitro car classes.

The servos are presented in a case made of plastic and aluminum, which ensures optimum heat dissipation and resistance to breakage.

When heavy-duty gearbox complex exclusively come CNC machined for use. This results in outstanding strength resulting in an extremely low weight and minimal wear. The mounting of the servos by two high precision ball bearings.

With their particularly high holding torque, the vortex servos are particularly suitable for use in the field of competition. While servos can rotate away from other manufacturers from the selected position with some force, show the Vortex Digital Servos maximum stability. Using exceptionally powerful coreless electric motors and specially developed electronics with ultra-fast response time, include the Vortex Digital Servos are the leaders.

Another thoughtful feature are the power numbers. They are coded so that the first two digits of the actuating force and the last two digits represent the operating time. Whether parking racer or professional competition - the Vortex Digital Servos impress with performance and durability.


Digital high-voltage power

Precise coreless motor drive

Heavy-duty all-metal transmission

Facilitated drive gears

25T driven gear for Futaba servo horns

Double ball bearings

Special pot with anti-fading coating

Dust and splash-proof aluminum-plastic housing

High recovery accuracy

High holding torque

JR / hitec connector system

Different servo horns included




Operating voltage: 4.8 to 7.4 V

Regulating speed: 0.07 s/60 °

Torque: 26 kg / cm

Dimensions: 41 x 20 x 40 mm

Weight: 62 g


Target Audience

1:10 / 1:8 Offroad (gas / brake, steering)

1:10 / 1:8 Onroad (gas / brake, steering)

Manufacturer: Orion
Part Number: ORI68027
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Bearing Type: Double
Speed (6v): < .10s
Torque (6v): 21 - 23.9kg
Operation: Digital
Gear Material: Metal Geared
Servo Horn Fitment: 25t