Orion Method Pro 17 Turn Motor ORI25128

Orion Method Pro 17 Turn Motor ORI25128
Brand: Orion
Part Number: ORI25128
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  • Operating voltage: 7.2 V
  • Number of turns: 17x2
  • Shaft diameter: 3.17 mm 

The Method Pro engines are the logical development of the method Brushed motors.

Method Pro motors are perfect for the tuning of radio controlled cars.

With numerous world championship titles in the brushed motor area, Team Orion has now put all the knowledge in a new, inexpensive and powerful engine.

Equipped with an optimized cooling and fully remove the metal housing units Motors is the first choice method for the tuning of RTR cars.

The motor brushes are replaceable and screwed. The timing can improve performance and adaptation be set free on the track conditions.

The motor is already suppressed with two capacitors and comes with a set of connecting cables.


  • High quality metal case
  • Fully removable for easy maintenance
  • Adjustable timing
  • High-bolted motor brushes
  • Ideal for tuning of on-road & off-road vehicles
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Fast motor with great torque! Durable too! Use in my Tamiya Fast Attack vehicle and gives the buggy fantastic punch and speed! and that includes driving on wet sand also good on firm soft sand too! Real nice dose of punch!!!! But carefully does it! Can get quite hot! Try a good heat sink that helps! But if you look after the temperature this motor will not disappoint! Verdict.....5 star

5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars  Posted on 8th Aug
Manufacturer: Orion
Part Number: ORI25128
Motor Class: Modified
Motor Brush Type: Brushed
Bore: 3.2mm
Motor Turns (Brushed): 17T
Motor Size: 540