Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6 FPV Quadcopter Drone NE201890

Brand: Nine Eagles
Part Number: NE201890
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Important Product Safety Information   

Safe flying is YOUR responsibility.

Be Safe - Be Lawful - Be Drone Aware!

We fully encourage safe and responsible flying.

Do you have adequate insurance cover for loss "Flyaways" or third party liability?
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The Dronecode:

  • Always carry out pre-flight checks to ensure your UAV is ready to take to the sky.
  • Make sure you can see your drone at all times and dont fly higher than 120 meters
  • Always keep your drone away from aircraft, helicopters, airports and airfields
  • Use your common sense and fly safely, you could be prosecuted if you dont.

Drones fitted with cameras must not be flown:

  • Within 50 metres of people, vehicles, buildings or structures
  • Over congested areas or large gatherings such as concerts and sports events

These are the basic CAA regulations for flying an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

  • The maximum altitude is 120 metres
  • The maximum distance from the operator is 500 metres
  • The minimum visibility needs to be 5 km
  • UAV must be flown in line of sight of the operator
  • UAVs cannot be flown at night without special permission
  • Permission must be obtained from the owner of the take-off point
  • UAVs cannot be flown within 50 metres of structures, vehicles or people that are not under the control of the person in charge of the aircraft.

Anything over these restrictions can only be allowed by obtaining a licence from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

We recommend you read the CAA website for full information on safe and responsible flying.

The Civil Aviation Authority website (UK):

The Galaxy Visitor 6 with its 6-axis gyro stabilization and altitude sensor provides super accurate yet simple control, making it an ideal choice for beginners. Furthermore its low weight means it is not susceptible to heavy damage during a crash.
Its HD camera provides video transmission via a Wi-Fi link for you to view live video feed on your smartphone, allowing you to also fly via the world of FPV (First Person View). Start/stop recording can be done via your smart phone for super easy video cuts. Just download the free app for iOS or Android to expand your horizons.
If you want to impress your friends then you can partake in some 360˚ flips and bring the Galaxy 6 back to hover in a flash. You can even simply remove the camera unit for even more aerobatic antics.
This multi-featured quad is the ideal choice for anyone on a budget looking to try his or her hand at a little bit of FPV flying.

Features and Specifications:

  • Live FPV videos shown on smart phone or tablet screen (phone not included)
  • Support iOS and Android system
  • It’s a recording camera with 720p
  • Distinctive and futuristic design
  • Very durable becuase of light weight
  • Colorful and bright LED for night flights
  • Good Flight Controller, extremely stable and easy to control
  • It can do a 360° flip!
  • Wi-Fi onboard camera for video and photo shooting
  • The signal lost protection function ensures the quadcopter will land automatically and safety
  • The package includes :
  • 1 X Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6 1 X 2.4Ghz Transmitter (requires 4 x AA batts)
  • 1 X Phone Holder
  • 1 X 3.7V 700mah 30C battery
  • 1 X USB Battery Charger
  • 1 X Micro SD Card (2GB)
  • 1 X USB Card Reader
  • 4 pcs of propellers


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great drone at a very good price. Easy to set up and fly, quick and agile. and was very surprised by the quality of the camera, video is smooth and crisp. The FPV function works well but there is a slight delay so would not recommend just flying on it. Quality of the drone is very good as well. The only issue i have is with the instructions as not translated very well to english and some things in it do not make much sense, but with common sense you can figure it out.

5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars  Posted on 22nd Oct
Manufacturer: Nine Eagles
Part Number: NE201890
Assembly Type: Ready to Fly (RTF)
Vehicle: Quadcopter
Skill Level: Skill Level 2   What's This?
Motor Type: Brushed
Camera: Yes