Muc-Off Bike Spray Protector MUC908

Muc-Off Bike Spray Protector MUC908
Brand: Muc-Off
Part Number: MUC908
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Bike Spray is the ultimate in liquid protection. Preserve and freshen your RC vehicle with Bike Spray’s incredible water dispersing action! It’s a perfect ‘all over’, after-wash corrosion inhibitor due to its extremely high oil content. This increased oil content creates the finest protection spray on the market. It drives out moisture and leaves a sparkling, non-sticky protective layer kit, metal parts and paintwork.

Bike Spray doesn’t just disperse water after you’ve given your bike a good clean. It also prevents dirt adhesion between washes and reduces future maintenance time as well as helping reduce friction, wear and energy consumption.


  • High performance formula leaves dry, non-sticky protective film
  • Safe on metals, plastics, rubber, paint and carbon fibre
  • Drives out excess moisture
  • High concentration of PTFE prevents dirt adhesion
  • Light lubricant coats moving parts
  • Quick and easy to use
  • 500ml Aerosol Spray