MIP Schumacher SV2/KR Complete Puck Drive and Diff Set MPPUCK2

MIP Schumacher SV2/KR Complete Puck Drive and Diff Set MPPUCK2
Brand: MIP
Part Number: MPPUCK2
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Why should only the Stock racers have the better drive system? MIP engineers have now developed a stronger Pucks™ system for the Modified racer, now introducing MIP Pucks™ Shiny Drive System. These new shiny kits from MIP provide all the speed, acceleration, and replaceable Pucks™ (Keeping your drive train running like new) of the aluminum kits just made to handle the abuse of the Modified racer. If you’re not using MIP Pucks™ you’re losing to the person that is. MIP Pucks™  Shiny Drive system provides smoother accelerations, better handling out of turns, and a little more weight to keep the vehicle grounded while helping the driver maintain more control of the vehicle. MIP Shiny Drive Pucks™ system are for the racers who use 13.5 or higher motors for their vehicle  and needs a little more strength and weight  to their drive train then MIP Aluminum Pucks™. 


  • Replaceable Pucks to keep drivetrain fresh
  • Race Prove C-CVD™ Construction
  • Two sets of holes in the C-CVD™ bell
  • 100% Quality made in the USA!


MIP Confetti Sticker (2), MIP Thread Gel Safety Sheet (1), MIP Instruction sheet (1), 5/64” Chrome Steel Ball Bearings (6), #2 Hardened Washer (2), Diff Lube & Grease Cup (1), ¼” x 9/32” Diff Spring (1), 2-56 x .925” Diff Shoulder Screw (1), Molded T-Nut (1), Diff Thrust Cover (1), MIP Pucks™ Male Outdrive Schumacher Cougar KR/SV2 (1), MIP Pucks™ Female Outdrive Schumacher Cougar KR/SV2 (1), SHSS 4-40 x 3/32” Cup Point (2), 1/16” x .430” Solid Pin (2), M4 x .7mm Steel Locknut (2), BHCS 1-72 x 1/8” Button head (6), MIP 3/16” CVD™ Coupling (2), MIP Retaining Ring (2), MIP CVD™ Pucks™ Pin (2), MIP Outdrive Pucks™ (8), MIP Pucks™ Shiny Bone Schumacher Cougar KR/SV2 (2), MIP CVD™ Rear Axle Schumacher Cougar KR/SV2 (2), Schumacher U3855 Ball Bearing 5x10x3 Open (pr), Schumacher U3019 Diff Balls; Ceramic Nitride 2.5mm (pk12), Schumacher U3740 Diff Washers; 18mm, Schumacher U4004 Diff Gear; 38T CNC

Manufacturer: MIP
Part Number: MPPUCK2
Tune-Up Type: Transmission

Compatible With

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