M-troniks G2 Micro ESC and P2 Micro 6500kv Combo MG2MC65

M-troniks G2 Micro ESC and P2 Micro 6500kv Combo MG2MC65
Brand: Mtroniks
Part Number: MG2MC65
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G2 ESC and P2 brushless motor combo set. The new standard in brushless performance and power!

The G2s complete re-design will show that brushless technology has just reached a new high!

The G2 Micro brushless speed control and motor set has been designed to use in both 1/18 and 1/16 scale RC Buggy/Truggy models. It has been optimised, as a set, to give the best possible performance.

The new features and high performance components used to build the G2 is what makes the G2 Micro the highest performing speed control in its class today. This completely new speed control sets new levels is brushless speed-control technology. When used together with the P2 micro motor supplied in the set it gives unbelievable power and control! The perfect start, slow speed control and awesome top speeds make the G2 Micro speed control and motor set a definate choice for winners!

Combo Set includes:
  • G2 Micro ESC
  • P2 Micro 6500kv motor
  • Pit-Card ESC programmer
G2 Micro ESC features:
  • Perfect sensorless drive 
  • New G2H - high performance heat dissipation power board 
  • New G2 software increases power and top speeds 
  • 100% Waterproof 
  • Safety features including thermal cut off 
  • NiMH/NiCAD/LiPo Support 
  • Built in data logger (8 minutes maximum)* 
  • New adjustable features via included Mtroniks pit card - Very easy to use 
  • New high power brakes, fully adjustable 
  • New high power drag brakes, fully adjustable 
  • Reverse lock out 
  • Input voltage - 4.8 to11.1V 
  • Motor limit - 370, 8000kv 
  • Small size - 42.0 x 27.0 x 16.0mm 
  • Weight - 40g (excluding wires)
*Data logger requires a Windows PC and the optional Mtroniks pit software available seperately

P2 Micro Motor features:
  • Sensorless design 
  • 370 motor size 
  • slotless design 
  • sintered neodymium magnets 
  • 3.5mm gold connectors 
  • Oversized ball bearings 
  • Multi mounting system 
  • Handwound 
  • Shaft diameter 2.0mm
Optional USB connection and PC software coming soon!
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Manufacturer: Mtroniks
Part Number: MG2MC65
KV Rating (Brushless): 6001 - 7000kv