LRP Vector X12 Brushless Modified 3.5T - Octa-Wind 50713

LRP Vector X12 Brushless Modified 3.5T - Octa-Wind 50713
Brand: LRP
Part Number: 50713
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The 2nd generation of the revolutionary XTEC X12 technology! Instead of a 4 time winding, the new motors from LRP feature an 8 time (=Octa) winding.

The effect is a different power characteristic, resulting in much higher performance. In detail, our R/D team has increased the number of copper wires used in the motor, resulting in lower resistance. Thanks to low heat development of the octa wind, less energy is lost - resulting in higher efficiency. For a R/C driver that means - more power to the drivetrain.   
The VECTOR X12 features a totally new design structure, including the fully adjustable and replaceable PreciSensorTM system, a completely new precision sensor positioning system for power, torque, throttle response and efficiency never seen before. The motor is unlike any other brushless motor! Constructed of 2 main parts and using only 4 screws, resulting in a motor which is easier to work on and the possibility to access and replace the rotor with the motor still left in the car. In addition to this it features an all new sintered 12.5mm size magnet graded on a new strengthened shaft, to further optimise the motors performance, efficiency and mid-range torque. This new X12 has been perfected in every small detail which makes this new brushless motor setting the new benchmark in brushless performance!


  • Dismountable - Machined 7075-T6 aluminuim can, short/light-weight design and maximum airflow.
  • Easysolder Design - Heavy copper, multilayer PCB for lowest resistance.
  • PreciSensor System - Revolutionary precise senor postitioning for best power, thottle and efficiency. Fully and adjustable replaceable
  • REPRODUCIBLE TIMING: Timing adjustable in clearly defined, reproducible steps with the new moulded timing inserts for same result every time.
  • O-Ring - Dampening and optimised bearing size for vibration-free operation
  • 12.5 mm Magnet - All new sintered 12.5 mm magnet size and grade, for best efficiency and midrange torque and new high-strength shaft
  • New Packed Stack - With minimised core losses for lowest temperature and higher efficiency
Manufacturer: LRP
Part Number: 50713
Motor Brush Type: Brushless
Motor Size: 540