LRP SXX StockSpec Version 2 Brushless Speed-Control LRP80915

LRP SXX StockSpec Version 2 Brushless Speed-Control LRP80915
Brand: LRP
Part Number: LRP80915
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It can be the decisive advantage on the race track.  
The technical base line of the new speed control specialist for stock racing was the SXX TC spec, which, when it was introduced in the market took the R/C scene by storm. IFMAR WC title 2008-2009 and numerous other national and international wins underline its leading position worldwide.   
Equipped with these successful genes and revolutionary technical advancements, and due to its revised software, perfectly adjusted for the use in combination with stock motors, the new SXX Stock Spec Version 2 with the ADPCmax2 software is the top of the line speed control in its class and will boost stock racing into a new dimension. 

The most important updates of the Version 2:

  • Improved, tougher specifications 
  • USB software update on 
  • Dual ADPCmax2 software 
  • Higher performance!

  • Improved, tougher specifications: Improved soft- and hardware for maximum reliability
  • USB Software Updateability: Benefit from all the latest performance improvements and updates available at!
  • Dual ADPCmax2 Software: Independent adjustment of "Feel" and "Boost" for maximum flexibility and highest power in all classes, for all types of battery cells and motors
  • TwinBEC: A true BEC revolution! Constant 6V/3A output with 3.0V to 7.4V batteries. No receiver battery with 1S LiPo needed.
  • Revolutionary Internal Temp Check System 3: Allows you to read out the maximum internal temperature for each the speedo and motor.
  • AutoCell System 2 (3.0V to 7.4V input voltage): Fully adjustable cut off system for all types of cells.
  • Extra small size: 30.5x33x21mm for easy installation in all cars
  • C3 Technology: Revolutionary Copper Core Cooling technology for lowest running temperature.
Manufacturer: LRP
Part Number: LRP80915
Power Rating: Over 150 Amps
ESC Mode: Forward Only
Battery Compatibility: LiPo/NiMh
ESC Type: For Brushless Motors
Max Lipo Volt Rating: 7.4v / 2s