LRP Crawler Brushless Reverse 80410

LRP Crawler Brushless Reverse 80410
Brand: LRP
Part Number: 80410
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LRP is proud to present a completely new speedcontrol to the impressive LRP line of high-quality speedcontrols. Now you can enjoy LRP´s  years of experience of developing high-quality and world winning speedontrols, now also for Crawler models. The Crawler Brushless Reverse is developed specifically for Crawler models and features automatic brushless — brushed adaptation to suit every drivers motor preferences.   
Auto-/Hill-Brake: the LRP Crawler Reverse‘s high brake levels allow you to adjust the drag of your vehicle perfectly to your application or crawler terrain. Higher settings mean higher amount of braking, up to wheel locking brake action demanded by many crawler specialists!
Drive Selection & Motor Rotation: this versatile function allows you to adjust your LRP Crawler Reverse to all crawler-applications and -models. You can choose from from two different drive modes (with or without manual brake) and also reverse motor rotation direction for vehicles with counter-rotating gearboxes or opposed transmission.

Throttle Profiles: finest throttle control at low rpm was the aim and the LRP engineering team definitely succeded! The LRP Crawler Reverse allows fine adjustments of the the throttle curve with it‘s four individual Crawler Special maps to your special requirement.  

Manual Brake: as a first for Crawler speedos, the LRP Crawler Reverse includes a mode with optional manual brake, which can be used in addition to the Auto-/Hill-Brake and gives you more tuning options to adjust your vehicle to the special crawler circumstances. The brake is applied evenly in both directions, no matter if you come from forward to reverse or from reverse to forward direction for maximum control on steep ramps. Double Action on throttle is required to change from brake to reverse mode, e.g. you have to return to neutral briefly to change function from brake to reverse.

5A BEC: the LRP Crawler Reverse‘s super-strong 6.0V/5.0A BEC will power all your strong digital servos or even multi-servo vehicles with pleasure!

Automatic Brushless / Brushed Adaption: detects the connected motor type during turn-on/initialisation and adjusts the correct brushless or brushed operation automatically. No adjustments required by yourself, apart from the correct connection of each motor type (don‘t forget the hall-sensor-wire for brushless!). Caution: Keep in mind, when swopping between brushless and brushed motors, that the chosen mode values will be identical!
The Crawler brushless reverse is all you need to keep full control while conquering the terrain!


Weight 24.5g
Size 33.1x37.6x14.9mm
Rec. Motorlimit Brushed over 13 turns
Rec. Motorlimit Brushless over 7.5 turns
Multi-Protection-System yes
Voltage Input 4.8-7.4V
Type forward/reverse
B.E.C. 6.0V/5.0A
Manufacturer: LRP
Part Number: 80410
ESC Type: For Brushless Motors
Max Nimh Volt Rating: 7.2v / 6 cell
Max Lipo Volt Rating: 7.4v / 2s
ESC Mode: Forward/Reverse
Battery Compatibility: LiPo/NiMh