Losi 14mm Hex Adaptor Set (pk4) LOSB3514

Losi 14mm Hex Adaptor Set (pk4) LOSB3514
Brand: Losi
Part Number: LOSB3514
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Team Losi offers 14mm wheel hex adaptors for the oversized Super-Duty Axles used on the LST2. These are ideal for enthusiasts who have an LST and are using the larger LST2 axles, or have wheels and tires for the LST or other manufactures wheels that use the 14mm hex drive. The LOSB3514 Hex Adaptor Set includes a full set of four machined aluminum wheel hexes and all the hardware needed to mount LST and similar wheels that use a 14mm hex. The LOSB3515 includes all of the hardware including nylon-inserted locknuts.