JunFac Straight Axle Adaptor For High-lift Axle J43023

Brand: JunFac
Part Number: J43023
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EAN: 8809366572075
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Main Features:

  • Light weight and CNC Machined from solid billet Duralumin
  • Silver finish
  • One piece heavy duty design
  • Improves ground clearance on the rocks. Prevents hang-ups on the rear axle
  • Can be used with stock axles and bearings
  • Fits Tamiya F-350, Hilux, Tundra High-Lift Axle


What's included:

  • Straight Axle Adaptors x 2 (Left & Right Side)

Required: Tamiya F-350, Hilux, Tundra High-Lift Axle.

Manufacturer: JunFac
Part Number: J43023
Tune-Up Type: Chassis

Compatible With

58397 Tamiya Toyota Hilux High-Lift
58372 Tamiya Ford F350 High-Lift
58415 Tamiya Toyota Tundra High-Lift