HPI Turnbuckle Set 107445

HPI Turnbuckle Set 107445
Brand: HPI
Part Number: 107445
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Enhance the tuning potential of the Apache C1 and Apache SC with this fully-featured Turnbuckle Set!

Turnbuckles allow you to make quick and effective tuning changes to the Apache C1 desert buggy or Apache SC short course racer, letting you change settings like front and rear camber, which make a real difference to how the vehicle handles in a turn. You can also make easy adjustments to the front toe angle, which can affect how quickly the vehicles steer into and out of a corner.

These are the same adjustments real desert racers make to their buggies and trucks, and now you can give them a try!
Manufacturer: HPI
Part Number: 107445
Tune-Up Type: Suspension