HPI Tr-10 Glue-lock Wheel Gunmetal (120x60mm/2pcs) 108323

HPI Tr-10 Glue-lock Wheel Gunmetal (120x60mm/2pcs) 108323
Brand: HPI
Part Number: 108323
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These 10-spoke wheels are made from tough high-impact nylon and are available in your choice of black, gunmetal and chrome to help you match your paint scheme and add a custom look to your truck.

This new version of the TR-10 wheel is designed specifically for the Super 5SC Flux. It differs from the standard TR-10 by requiring the trye to be super glued instead of utilising a Bead-Lock to hold the tyre in place. The 'Glue-Lock' design results in a lighter overall weight but maintains a mock Bead-Lock to keep that traditional large scale look. Must be used with Glue-Lock Tyres, see below for details:

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Manufacturer: HPI
Part Number: 108323
Scale: 1:5
Class: Large Scale