HPI Torx Wrench T27 Z924

HPI Torx Wrench T27 Z924
Brand: HPI
Part Number: Z924
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Use this Torx wrench to access screws on the Baja 5T Fuelie 26 engine with quick access and minimal hassle.

Torx is the easiest drive system to use and is superior to slotted, cross (Philips) and even hex drive systems. There is no chance of the tool slipping out as with slotted drivers, there is no need to press down hard (to prevent the tool sliding out) as with cross drivers, and power transfer is much more efficient than with hex drivers.

With a deeper and broader contact point spread around the entire tip of the tool, inserting or removing the fastener is faster, with less energy spent and with less wear on the tool tip.
Manufacturer: HPI
Part Number: Z924
Tool Type: Replacement Tip