HPI Tf-45 2.4ghz Transmitter (3ch) 105420

HPI Tf-45 2.4ghz Transmitter (3ch) 105420
Brand: HPI
Part Number: 105420
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The TF-45 has the latest Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) digital 2.4GHz radio technology from HPI to give you total control in every situation! With favorite features like End Point Adjustment (EPA), 3rd-channel functionality, adjustable failsafe settings with the RF-45 receiver and easily adjusted settings, the TF-45 also now features customizable grips, a more ergonomic shape and drop-down steering wheel with an all-new look!

2.4GHz radio frequency means you don't have to think about frequency conflicts with other RC drivers in your area - just switch on and go! With the comfortable and lightweight TF-45 radio in your hands, you'll be able to drive, bash and race for hours!

TF-45 FeaturesFrequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) digital 2.4GHz radio technology 3rd channel switch Easy binding with the RF-45 receiver Ergonomic pistol-grip design Grip can be customized for larger hands Drop-down padded steering wheel End Point Adjustment (EPA) for steering and throttle Steering dual-rate adjustment Throttle trim adjustment Steering trim adjustment Servo reversing switches Folding antenna Top carry handle Sliding power switch Adjustment tool stowage Convenient laydown design Blinking low battery indicator Only 4 AA/UM-3 batteries required Light weight (450g)The RF-45 receiver has been designed with nitro and gas vehicles in mind. It has a convenient battery type switch that sets the low voltage failsafe cut-off limit. If you're using the radio system in a nitro or gas vehicle equipped with a LiPo receiver battery, just put the switch in the LiPo position. Some nitro vehicle owners use 6v NiMH 5-cell packs (commonly known as 'hump' packs), in this case put the switch in the NiMH position.

If you want to use the TF-45 transmitter with an electric vehicle, then simply pair the TF-45 with an RF-40 receiver instead of the RF-45.

#105420 - HPI TF-45 2.4GHZ TRANSMITTER (3CH)
#105422 - HPI RF-45 RECEIVER (2.4GHZ/3CH)
#105424 - HPI TF-45 / RF-45 2.4GHZ RADIO SET
#105429 - HPI TF-45 GRIP (SMALL/LARGE)

Manufacturer: HPI
Part Number: 105420
Form Factor: Steer Wheel
Frequency: 2.4Ghz