HPI Safety Engine Stop System 85068

Brand: HPI
Part Number: 85068
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The Safety Engine Stop System is designed to make shutting off the nitro engine safe and easy. Just press the conveniently located stop button and the engine immediately stops, no fumbling to pinch the fuel line or covering the hot exhaust necessary.

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Very useful and simple!

5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars  Posted on 2nd Nov

A really simple solution to, not a problem as such, but more of a pain in the neck - How to shut of your RC without 1) burning your finger on the exhaust or 2) reaching in and pinching the fuel tube making the engine run super lean for a second or two. This device is incredibly easy to install and works fantastically by simply stopping the flywheel in its tracks while the engine is running. The stop is pretty much instant and the device itself doesnt add anything negative to the look of the car

5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars  Posted on 30th Jan

Good product - does not fit the HPI Savage XL without modification - Very good either way

5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars  Posted on 25th Aug

Compatible With

109083 HPI Savage X 4.6 GT-3 RTR 2.4GHz
113291 HPI Savage X SS Kit