HPI Rf-45 Receiver (2.4ghz/3ch) 105422

HPI Rf-45 Receiver (2.4ghz/3ch) 105422
Brand: HPI
Part Number: 105422
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The RF-45 receiver is the perfect size to fit in any RC car or truck. Its tiny size is just 33x26mm and only 13mm high, and its extremely light weight of just 8 grams means it won't affect the weight balance, no matter where it's installed. Its short antenna means you can hide it underneath just about any RC body for a realistic 'stealth' look!

The RF-45 receiver has been designed with nitro and gas vehicles in mind. It has a convenient battery type switch that sets the low voltage failsafe cut-off limit. If you're using the radio system in a nitro or gas vehicle equipped with a LiPo receiver battery, just put the switch in the LiPo position. Some nitro vehicle owners use 6v NiMH 5-cell packs (commonly known as 'hump' packs), in this case put the switch in the NiMH position.

Using Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) digital 2.4GHz radio technology, the RF-45 works with any TF-40 or TF-45 radio via a simple and quick binding procedure to give you a secure, reliable connection at all times. Should the radio link ever fail for some reason, the radio will instantly switch the throttle channel to its failsafe position, which you can set to full brake for a nitro vehicle. HPI RTR vehicles already have the failsafe position set from the factory.

If you want to use the TF-45 transmitter with an electric vehicle, then simply pair the TF-45 with an RF-40 receiver instead of the RF-45.

RF-45 Receiver Features:Small size fits nearly anywhere Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) digital 2.4GHz radio technology Simple binding to the TF-45 transmitter Adjustable failsafe settings Battery type switch (7.4v LiPo or 6v NiMH) Short antenna wire 3rd channel plug can be used to control lights, winch, etc., or power a personal transponder Just 33x26x13mm in size Extremely light weight (8g) Note: the RF-45 should not be used with alkaline or other non-rechargeable batteries#105420 - HPI TF-45 2.4GHZ TRANSMITTER (3CH)
#105422 - HPI RF-45 RECEIVER (2.4GHZ/3CH)
#105424 - HPI TF-45 / RF-45 2.4GHZ RADIO SET
#105429 - HPI TF-45 GRIP (SMALL/LARGE)

Manufacturer: HPI
Part Number: 105422
No. Channels: 3
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Frequency: 2.4Ghz

Compatible With

115485 HPI Baja 5B Kraken TSK-b Class 1
115484 HPI Baja Kraken Sidewinder X5 Buggy