HPI Bmw 2002 Turbo Body (wb225mm.f0/r0mm) 7215

Brand: HPI
Part Number: 7215
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True Ten Scale Touring Car Size WB225mm. Front 0mm/Rear 0mm offset

With classic European styling and clean Teutonic lines, the BMW 2002 is one of the old-school classics that car collectors the world over rate as one of the most influential sports cars of its time. This is the car that solidified BMW firmly in the compact sports coupe class and set the precedent for the firm's 3 Series and the almighty M3.

Like all HPI bodies, the BMW 2002 comes with a clear protective overspray film, window masks and a large decal sheet. Made of flexible vinyl to fit every curve on the body, the decal sheet includes official BMW decals, headlights, tail lights, and door handles, plus official HPI Racing logos! The body also has drill locations marked for HPI Cup Racer cars, making it easy to line up the body mount and antenna holes.
  • Premium vinyl decals include window frames, headlights, grille, tail lights, official logos and more - For a perfect finish with a lot of details
  • High quality polycarbonate with excellent dimensional stability and impact resistance - For extra strength and longer life
  • True to scale Body Accessories Set for replica race looks!
  • Fits the HPI Cup Racer and other "Mini" size cars
Manufacturer: HPI
Part Number: 7215
Class: Micro & Mini
Scale: 1:10
Bodyshell Finish: Un-Painted
Body Material: Polycarbonate