Hobbywing EZRUN 1/8 Sensored BL Motor 4274SD - 2200-Black HW90060021

Hobbywing EZRUN 1/8 Sensored BL Motor 4274SD - 2200-Black HW90060021
Brand: Hobbywing
Part Number: HW90060021
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Great Construction

The use of a heat-resistant magnet attached steel case and double insulated windings, high precision bearings, and rotor with a strong structure guarantees outstanding performance and super durability.

High Torque

The 4 pole design will guarantee the motor to produce very large amounts of torque, a much faster acceleration response and a very stable output of power to the drivetrain.

High Efficiency

The output performance of this motor has an efficiency of up to 90%. In the same load condition, XERUN 4274SD has the higher efficiency but lower temperature than other 4274 motors.

Efficient Cooling Design

The aluminum ribbed heatsink housing can effectively reduce the motor temperature.

Compatible with the XERUN XR8 ESC

When pairing the XERUN 4274SD motor with the Hobbwing XERUN XR8 ESC, the excellent match between ESC and motor will give you large torque plus a very smooth and linear power band.

Wide Application

This motor is applicable to various 1/8th scale vehicles, especially monster trucks.


  • Scale - 1/8th
  • Brushed/Brushless - BL
  • Sensored/Sensorless - SD
  • Pole Count - 4

Relevant Parameters

  • KV Rating - 2200
  • LiPo Cells - 2-6S
  • No-load Current(A) - 2.4
  • Max. Power Output(W) - 1350

Note: All the above parameter values are obtained when the input voltage is 10V and the ESC timing is 0°.

Size & Weight

  • O.D.(mm) - 42.0
  • Length (mm) - 74.0
  • Shaft Diameter (mm) - 5.0
  • Weight(g) - 371

Other Parameters

  • Timing - Fixed


  • 1/8th Monster Trucks (Aggressive)
Manufacturer: Hobbywing
Part Number: HW90060021
KV Rating (Brushless): 2000 - 3000kv
Motor Class: Modified
Bore: 5mm
Pole: 4 Pole
Brushless Motor Type: Sensored