Futaba BLS451 Servo - Brushless P-SBL451

Futaba BLS451 Servo - Brushless P-SBL451
Brand: Futaba
Part Number: P-SBL451
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The BLS 451 brushless servo has an excellent specification and is suitable for a wide range of applications, including aircraft, helicopter, car and boat usage.

• Futaba brushless servos offer greatly improved response time over other servos.
• Significantly increased life span. Futaba brushless servo motors will last more than five times longer
than servos that include brushed motors!
• Lower operating temperatures. As there aren’t any brushes on the motor armature, no sparks are produced when the servo motor is in operation.
• Thanks to the motor design, the outer coils act as a heatsink dissipating any heat that does occur. As an added benefit, Futaba is able to increase the torque and speed of these servos without increasing case dimensions.
• Vibration & Shock. Unlike servos that used brushed motors, the brushless servos from Futaba are less susceptible to the effects of vibration and/or shock.
• Additionally, the inertia of standard motors also facilitates the effects of vibration on the servo’s performance. By eliminating this inertia in a brushless servo, Futaba has reduced this possibility.
• Power consumption. Brushless servos consume approximately the same amount of power as their digital counterparts.
• Centering. Centering is the same as it is with the digital servos. The dead band is also equal to the digitals.

• Increased resolution for smoother operation.
• New gear treatment and materials for added endurance and longevity.
• Samarium Cobalt magnets for better performance and increased holding power.
• Dual ball bearings.

N.B. This servo must be used with a high frequency gyro.


  • Weight: 58g
  • Speed: 0.10sec/ 60deg @ 6.0v
  • Torque: 10.6kg/cm @ 6.0v
  • Voltage: 4.8v - 6.0v
  • Dimensions: 40x20x36.8mm
Manufacturer: Futaba
Part Number: P-SBL451
Bearing Type: Double
Speed (6v): .10 - .14s
Torque (6v): 9 - 11.9kg
Gear Material: Metal Geared
Servo Horn Fitment: 25t