Etronix Photon 2.1FW System W/9.0r 4350kv Motor/60A ESC ET0422

Etronix Photon 2.1FW System W/9.0r 4350kv Motor/60A ESC ET0422
Brand: Etronix
Part Number: ET0422
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Deans and 3.5mm Motor ESC connectors


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The convenience and performance of brushless technology is available for everyone with the Photon Sensorless Waterproof System from Etronix. Simple to set-up and with a range of sensible KV rated motors for most r/c car applications and abilities the Photon is the ideal brushless start-up package or upgrade from a stock brushed set-up.An ideal choice for any 1/10th buggy, truggy, short course or truck application.

Supplied with (ET0107) Etronix Photon SBS LED Programming Card

Adjustable Parameters

  • Cutoff Voltage (automatically detects the number of cells)
  • Running Mode (forward w/o reverse, forward/reverse, forward with pause then reverse)
  • Motor Timing (very low, low, normal, high, very high)
  • Initial Acceleration (low, medium, high, very high)
  • Throttle Percent Reverse (20% through to 100%)
  • Throttle Limit (0% through to 90%)
  • Percentage Braking (10% through to 100%)
  • Percentage Drag Brake (0% through to 30%)
  • Motor Rotation (normal, reverse)
  • Neutral Range (deadband setting 2% through to 10%)

*Please note power wire and motor wires require soldering

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Pretty cool product. This and a 3S lipo makes my Dark Impact do 55mph.

5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars  Posted on 31st Mar
Manufacturer: Etronix
Part Number: ET0422
Motor Size: 540
Max Lipo Volt Rating: 11.1v / 3s
KV Rating (Brushless): 4001 - 5000kv
Motor Class: Modified
Battery Compatibility: LiPo/NiMh
Motor Connector Type: No Connector
Bore: 3.2mm
Brushless Motor Type: Sensorless
Battery Connector Type: No Connector