Maverick Motor MV22079

Maverick Motor MV22079
Brand: Maverick
Part Number: MV22079
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Maverick Motor
Manufacturer: Maverick
Part Number: MV22079
Motor Brush Type: Brushed
Motor Class: Stock & Eco
Motor Turns (Brushed): 22T
Motor Size: 540

Compatible With

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MV12626 Maverick Strada DC 1/10 Brushless RTR Electric Drift Car - Red
MV12620 Maverick Strada DT 1/10 RTR Electric Desert Truck
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MV12615 Maverick Strada MT 1/10 RTR Electric Monster Truck
MV12619 Maverick Strada RX 1/10 RTR Electric Rally Car
MV12627 Maverick Strada RX 1/10 Brushless RTR Electric Rally Car - Red
MV12617 Maverick Strada SC 1/10 RTR Electric Short Course
MV12625 Maverick Strada SC 1/10 RTR Electric Brushless Short Course - Red
MV12616 Maverick Strada TC 1/10 RTR Electric Touring Car
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