Duratrax Onyx NiMH 7.2V 3000mAh Stick Deans DTXC2054

Duratrax Onyx NiMH 7.2V 3000mAh Stick Deans DTXC2054
Brand: Duratrax
Part Number: DTXC2054
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High-capacity budget-priced NiMH sports-class drive batteries. Ideally suited to give the
model-sport beginner a reliable source of energy. Can be charged with any suitable
NiMH charging unit, and can also be fast-charged. Standard connector enables use
with all boats and cars. High discharge capacity. Optimum performance immediately
after charging.
Recommended for: RIO EP, Bristol Bay and other models.

- Technical specifications: NiMH 7.2V 3000mAh
- Connection system: Deans (T plug)
- Weight: 360 g
- Dimensions: 131x47x24 mm

Manufacturer: Duratrax
Part Number: DTXC2054
Voltage: 7.2v
Battery Connector Type: Deans Connector
Battery Configuration: Stick
Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
Battery Type: NiMh
Battery Application: Power Packs