Dromida Lock Nuts M3 DIDC1001

Dromida Lock Nuts M3 DIDC1001
Brand: Dromida
Part Number: DIDC1001
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Dromida Lock Nuts M3
Manufacturer: Dromida
Part Number: DIDC1001
Colour: Black
Size: M3
Nut Type: Locking

Compatible With

DIDC0049 Dromida Buggy 4WD 1/18th RTR
DIDC0055 Dromida DB4.18BL Dune Buggy 1:18 Brushless 2.4 GHz RTR
DIDC0056 Dromida DT4.18BL Desert Truck 1:18 Brushless 2.4GHz RTR
DIDC0042 Dromida MT4.18 1/18 RTR 4wd Truck
DIDC0048 Dromida Monster Truck 4WD 1/18th RTR
DIDC0052 Dromida MT4.18BL Monster Truck Brushless 2.4GHz RTR
DIDC0076 Dromida RC4.18 1/18 Brushless Rally Car RTR 2.4Ghz - Blue
DIDC0070 Dromida TC4.18 1/18 Touring Car RTR 2.4Ghz - Red
DIDC0061 Dromida WasteLand RTR 1/18 Electric 4WD Truck