Castle Max Pro SCT ESC + 2400kv Motor P-CC9100

Castle Max Pro SCT ESC + 2400kv Motor P-CC9100
Brand: Castle
Part Number: P-CC9100
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Available via Special Order from Castle Creations USA, typical delivery time is 4 to 6 weeks.

For the love of pure speed.

Short Course Trucks are the hottest segment in RC surface these days, and whos best at making great upgrades that actually improve reliability and give insane speed?............ Castle, of course.

We have teamed with Hobbico to bring the Mamba Max Pro SCT ESC and Neu-Castle 1415-2400kv motor combo to customers who want to take the next step in speed and reliability beyond their stock brushless setup.

Question: So wait a minute, the motor in this combo has a lower Kv than the stock motor, how can it be faster or better?

Answer: Kv doesnt equal power -- these motors are almost 100% more powerful than most stock brushless setups. Ours are four pole motors, with higher quality components designed for improved torque. So go ahead, gear it higher than the stock motor and youll really feel the difference -- even with the same cell count! This is a 3-4 cell Extreme Short Course Truck Basher motor.

Still want to race? There are lots of tracks allowing "550" size motors (like the Novak HV, etc,) and this system is designed to compete against those 550 can size motors.

Mamba Max Pro SCT is built for speed, but its also a torque monster, able to dig out of tall grass, sand, you name it.

Easy to Install - The Neu-Castle 1415 motor bolts right in and the ESC wires are ready to connect to the motor. Just add your battery connector to the ESC and you are ready to rip.

Suggested Applications - 1:10th 2wd and 4wd vehicles running this combo with up to 4S max cells. Dont forget, this is a 4 pole motor, so you can gear it higher than 2 pole motors of higher KV.


  • This system is designed for 3s to 4s, 4,000+ mah, 25c or better LiPo. 3 is the recommended set up, 4s is extreme.
  • Recommended battery: 3S-4S liPo or upto 14 cells NiMh
  • Proportional brake
  • Reversible with lockout
  • Programmable low voltage cutoff - auto LiPo detect set as default
  • ESC Size: L45.5 x W36.5 x H21.5mm
  • Motor shaft: 1:8 inch

Mamba Max Pro SCT combo includes:

  •  Mamba Max Pro SCT Edition ESC
  •  Neu-Castle 1415 2400 kv motor
  •  CC Blower fan shroud

(The Maximum number of cells recommended for this ESC/motor combo in SCT vehicles is 4s LiPo or 14 cells NiCad/NiMh. The Mamba Max Pro will operate up to 6s LiPo with other motors)

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superb esc combo strong ,power full load of torque great upgrade for 1/16 E revo run very cool when use with right gears .

5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars  Posted on 9th Apr
Manufacturer: Castle
Part Number: P-CC9100
KV Rating (Brushless): 2000 - 3000kv