Castle Mamba Max Pro CC6600

Castle Mamba Max Pro CC6600
Brand: Castle
Part Number: CC6600
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Castle, the leader in brushless technology for RC cars, is pleased to announce the release of our new Mamba Max Pro brushless ESC featuring SMARTSENSE™ operation. SMARTSENSE brings the best of sensored and sensorless ESC together to create the ideal controller for serious 1/10th scale enthusiasts. Operating at up to 6S, Mamba Max Pro can handle nearly twice the power of the market standard Mamba Max!

SmartSense uses the motor sensors to start the motor and then it switches over to Castle’s ultra powerful and efficient dynamic sensorless mode which boosts motor efficiency. Simply put, you’ll get more power and less heat from your motor.
Sensored Only mode runs sensored motors using sensored timing only.

CHEAT MODE: Castle’s High Energy Advanced Timing allows users to electronically advance their sensored motor’s timing to extreme settings. This can often yield just that extra bit of power needed to win the race. Be careful – there’s never a free lunch, extra power comes with extra motor heat!

Is Sensored better than Sensorless?
The answer is that for most users, Sensorless operation is still better.
Castle’s Sensorless controllers offer best in class start up and braking which are fine for most users. Sensored only motor operation cannot deliver maximum efficiency. Sensors are terribly inaccurate for motor timing purposes as the motor’s magnetic fields change under load or at speed; that’s where Sensorless operation shines. Sensorless is also just more dependable. There are fewer wires and connections that need to survive the incredibly rough treatment most RC cars and trucks endure. Some guys do need sensored operation, mainly because the racing world’s rules require it, but also because it can offer slightly better start up and braking performance. Mamba Max Pro offers the ultimate in flexibility: use it with all your 1/10th motors, sensored or sensorless!

What else you’ve packed into the Mamba Max Pro:

  • 6S (25.2 volts) max input voltage
  • Switching BEC powers your radio and servo all the way up to the 6S max input. Users may select the output for any voltage between 5V-7V.
  • Durable case and cooling fan to protect and cool the controller during hard off-road action
  • Ready to Run: Mamba Max Pro is ready to run out of the box.
  • Castle Link Compatible: Like all Castle controllers, the Mamba Max Pro may also be “tuned” for the drivers’ preferences in the throttle curve,
    brake strength, reversing modes and more. Access these features with the CASTLE LINK USB connector (sold separately) and a PC for even more versatility

N.B. Supplied without a connector fitted.

Manufacturer: Castle
Part Number: CC6600
Battery Compatibility: LiPo/NiMh
ESC Type: For Brushless Motors
Power Rating: Over 150 Amps
Motor Compatibility Type: Sensored / Sensorless
Max Lipo Volt Rating: 22.2v / 6s
ESC Mode: Forward/Reverse