Castle 2028 Neu-Castle 780kV 1/5th Scale Brushless Motor CCIR0780

Brand: Castle
Part Number: CCIR0780
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Have you ever seen a HPI Baja doing 60mph? Be afraid, be very afraid. Then do it again.

Castles engineers have been working on a system for 1:5 scale vehicles for several years.

We could always make the 1:5 vehicles, like the Baja go but we were never satisfied that the systems would hold up to extended usage that these vehicles encounter. So we kept designing larger equipment.

The end result is the whopping Neu-Castle 2028. This motor can easily run in the 10 horsepower range, how much do you think that little G23 petrol engine is putting out?

The motor is sealed for survival in the dust and dirt that Bajas call home.


The rotor is assembled from four individual magnets and the stator is a highly advanced slotted design made of the highest quality laminations.


The shaft is 8mm, no worries of breaking this shaft.

Neu-Castle 2028 brushless motor Features:

  • High quality Japanese sealed bearings
  • 4 pole neodymium magnets
  • Super thin stator laminations using high quality steel
  • 780kv
  • Sensorless
  • 30,000 Max RPM
  • 8mm diameter motor shaft
  • Motor length: 113.2mm
  • Motor diameter: 57mm
Manufacturer: Castle
Part Number: CCIR0780
Motor Class: Modified
Motor Brush Type: Brushless