Axial WB8 Drive Shaft Coupler Set AX30794

Axial WB8 Drive Shaft Coupler Set AX30794
Brand: Axial
Part Number: AX30794
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The WB8 Wild Boar Driveshafts are the factory units used on the Wraith are THE perfect upgrade for all SCX10/AX10's.

The Axial R&D team took all of this into account when working on a new driveline system solution that would not only be great for the Wraith™, with the next level of driving style we are sure your vehicle is to see, but deliver a factory system that is an easy-to-install mechanical upgrade for all SCX10/AX10's to make sure you come back home from the epic journey. The WB8 Wild Boar Driveshaft Set is THE ONE simple system that will universally work across the whole Axial family of rigs.

  • Constant Velocity Joint Design [CVJ]
  • Full Metal-To-Metal Construction for the CVJ-Housing
  • Friction Free Movement / Smooth Articulation
  • Metal Ring Protection & Capture for the CVJ-Pin
  • Easy Assembly & Maintenance
  • Three tube lengths for various applications Wraith / AX10 / SCX10 Dingo & Trail Honcho
Manufacturer: Axial
Part Number: AX30794
Tune-Up Type: Transmission

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