Axial AR60 OCP Full Width Axle Adapter Set AX31290

Axial AR60 OCP Full Width Axle Adapter Set AX31290
Brand: Axial
Part Number: AX31290
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The AR60 OCP Full Width Axle Adapter Set widens the AR60 axles, creating an equal front and rear track width on 1/10th scale YETI vehicles. This enables the use of any 12mm wheel to be used on your 1/10th scale YETI without the use of special wheel adapters. The kit comes with extended steel axles, black anodized aluminum axle housing extenders, four cartridge bearings and all necessary hardware.

Compatible with all vehicles using AR60 axles (Yeti, Wraith, Wraith Spawn, AX10 Ridgecrest, AX10 Deadbolt).

Kit comes with the following parts: AXA1221, AXA0113, AX31291, AX31292

Manufacturer: Axial
Part Number: AX31290
Tune-Up Type: Transmission

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