Associated FT Rear Anti Roll Bar, 3 Bars AS9635

Associated FT Rear Anti Roll Bar, 3 Bars AS9635
Brand: Associated
Part Number: AS9635
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FT Rear Sway Bar Kit. Includes color coded bars-- soft (black) - med. (silver) - hard (gold). Without anti-roll bars on a high traction surface - a cars weight will be thrown from one side or the other as it turns (chassis roll) - which can make it less controllable. The anti-roll bar ends are attached to the suspension arms and the midpoint of the bar is fixed to the bulkhead. The anti-roll bars restriction of excessive upward arm movement stabilizes a car from excessive chassis roll. (Thats why they are called anti-roll bars.) Chassis roll creates uneven traction. How? As you turn left without anti-roll bars - the weight rolls to the right - puts pressure on the right tire - and removes pressure from the left tire. So excessive chassis roll will reduce steering control in the front - for a tire merely skimming cannot steer well. When should you add an anti-roll bar kit to your vehicle? You should consider getting a kit if you run on a smooth surface with high traction. If your car oversteers or understeers - you should consider adding anti-roll bars to the front or rear. (Your car oversteers when the rear tires start to skid through a turn - causing a tighter turn than normal. Your car understeers when the front tires start to skid through a turn - causing a wider turn than normal.) A car using anti-roll bars on a high traction surface will tend to have less chassis roll - make the car more responsive to cornering - and give you more control. Anti-roll bars are generally used on smooth - high-traction conditions. Anti-roll bars on bumpy tracks dont allow your suspension to work independently - and make your vehicle difficult to drive. When either of these two conditions are met - you should consider anti-roll bars: a) If you are driving on a high traction track and your car oversteers - use the front anti-roll bar only. This will stiffen the front during cornering (keep the tires glued to the track) - giving the car consistent steering throughout the corner. b) If your car is understeering - try a rear anti-roll bar. This will keep the rear of the car from rolling - which in turn will transfer more weight to the front of the car - gaining steering. Anti-roll bars can come in several configurations - depending on the vehicle. In some cases - you may have more than one anti-roll bar thickness to choose from to adjust the pressure. In other cases - a Inchblade Inch anti-roll bar will give you several tuning possibilities in one blade.
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Bought this to universaly fit on me Ansmann X4TE and it works a treat! 3 different strenght roll bars, perfect forr a race application. next day fast postage thanks again modelsport

5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars  Posted on 26th Apr
Manufacturer: Associated
Part Number: AS9635
Tune-Up Type: Suspension